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Makeup, beauty and having flawless skin has always been more important to me and a classic way to ‘knock someone off their feet’. I am a strong believer in ‘you don’t need loads of make up to look good’ I have proven this with a few subtle tones make a huge difference.

It all began for me at a very young age, 13 to be precise when I would apply mascara, pluck my brows and wear face masks I mean who doesn’t like a bit of wow factor especially around the eyes, that is where all the attention goes. Fluttery lashes to a stylish frown with your beautified brows and glowing skin. Being mascara and brow obsessed, I don’t think I have ever missed out in buying a new line of mascaras or brow products, why not its my eyes that do most of the talking-#browguru #lashguru.

Let’s ‘face’ it who doesn’t like a bit of pampering, relaxing around the aromas of oil diffusers, candles and smooth natural sounds captivating your eardrums #buddhaobssessed 

Taking on a daily skin care routine is a must, when you see that first spot or blemish and it starts to feel like the end of the world. I remember my granny and mum making me natural skin care masks out of turmeric and some other stuff I still don’t know to date but what ever it was it worked. When asked what it was they said a remedy that’s been passed down from generation to generation - I loved it. I began threading my mum’s eyebrows at the age of 15 I would be so excited to show her the result of her ‘new brows’. Gosh! I love making someone feel their hidden inner beauty come to life, even to this day. Everybody including males and females complimented my mum wherever she went and would ask her who her therapist was? She would point at me being proud and say it’s my daughter ‘my beauty goddess’ - now # that I will, I like the sound of that. When I got with then my other half, now my amazing husband I began giving him mini treatments at home exploring his skin, he sometimes thought I was crazy and even tried to make a run for it but I always got my way around challenging him to try out a little something he hadn’t before, surprisingly he was smitten by the results. He was my first male customer and still is now. I love the way he comes up to me and asks me to carry out treatments openly. Loving his skin more than ever before and using all my products leaving me with just one pump of product to use and then coming over to me saying “my skin is better than yours, lol”. Seeing this excitement and that big smile on his face was when I realised that beauty isn’t just for the ladies but for the lads too. From that wonderful moment I made it my goal to one day make my passion come to life where I can ‘redefine beauty’ for anyone…so here I am to start your journey with you #flawlessbeauty.

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